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Top 5 Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones Of 2016 - 2017

Now a days Mobile phone is the most common need of all human beings.No one can live without it ,its has became a part of our Life.It connect people from all over the world.It is the most easy way to get any info about any thing that we need to know like Top 5 Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones Of 2016 - 2017 so,we go to our browser and simply write this line.We don't need to go any where just we need to take out  our phone and start searching about it.

Here are some top most Mobile phones very different from each other because of there market competitions.All the company are trying to give best of there company,But today I will show Top Most Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones Of 2016 - 2017.

So,friends if you are looking for latest upcoming mobile phone of 2016 - 2017 than you are at right place.Here i will give you all info about upcoming latest mobile phone of  2016 - 2017.

So let we Begin  with our first Phone.

1).Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung will launch  the waterproof technology, may be Samsung will introduce with  Samsung galaxy S7 which will protect it by water.As pollution is increasing day by day that harm us and also our gadgets ,so Samsung may introduce entire furnished  body with dust proof technology  with Samsung Galaxy S7. It may have a 5.5 and above than 5.5 with great leather furnished body that will look classy.
Top 5 Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones
Samsung galaxy S7 will have 4k or 5k or above 5.5 display.It may have ti-zen OS with android 6.0 or something may have quad core 4.0 GHz with 6 GB or 8 GB ram.The most giant and unimaginable camera with 30 megapixel and 13 mp front first time ever in may have 64 bit processor with 128 GB.connectivity will more frequent it may have 4g or 5g network.with cheapest prize Rs.70,000 something.

2).LG G5 

As we know LG always gave us surprises with its product like  LG G5 the  new smartphone or a mobile phone  from LG .LG in its name tell a lot, but what tells more is about its creative innovations that we all see in each LG smartphones.

LG G5 may be soon release next year in march. As we all had  saw the past of LG ,I think LG will introduce something great in LG G5. And concept of a smartphone will be new . It will have great competition with Samsung galaxy S7,I phone 7,Galaxy edge not 3 and more.

LG G5 will be fully upgraded in speed, durability,security, memory,power and so on.LG is also add great new features such as wireless charging technology,bigger screen,4k display, 3d camera.
 LG is also focusing on LG smart watches with android.
Top 5 Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones

key specifications

LG G5                                                    specifications

                          Camera  front, Rear                                      3D camera, Auto focus,Dual LED,20 MP                                                                                                                 Front camera,5.1 MP rear camera
                          New features                                                Retina eye scanner,wireless charging                                                                                                                       technology.
                          Memory                                                        64 GB internal ,128 expandable
                          OS                                                                Android may be  higher than lollipop
                          processor                                                     Snapdragon qualcomm 810 chipset octa-                                                                                                                core 2.9 GHz processor
                         Display                                                           4k
                         Connectivity                                                   4g LTE


Top 5 Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones

Now we come to HTC ONE M9 the beautiful, the most tricky phone and powerful  on which we will talk about because it is such a great well man made device that make a great feeling of using  a smartphone or a mobile phone.But as we know best thing always have some limitation.
we can't explain,speak about  HTC we just can feel it.In this phone power key has changed its position  from the position which m8 had with 5-inch screen.It has boom sound  speaker with add mix again.

Top 5 Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones
                     It has 5 inch display with bright light and rich in color .1920*1020Top 5 Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones

Disadvantage is that the power key is just below to the volume button that is so hard to tell our finger which one is the power key or a volume key.

4).Sony xperia Z5

we all know Sony is a great company that make all electronic product like TV, SPEAKERS, HOMETHEATHER, we will see its coming soon mobile xperia Z5,which will come after Sony xperia Z4. Sony xperia Z5 come in various variant like Sony xperia Z5 compact and Sony xperia Z5 ultra.

Top 5 Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones

Key Specification

                      Sony xperia Z5                                 Specifications

                                  RAM                                                        4 GB
                                  DISPLAY                                                 5 inch 4k display
                                  CAMERA                                                 27 MP rotating sensor
                                  RESOLUTION                                         1440*2560 QHD screen
                                  STORAGE                                               128  GB on board storage
                                  PORT                                                       New type c usb port
                                  FEATURE                                                Water Proof, Dust Proof, Shock Proof.

5).Huawei P8 Max

Top 5 Upcoming Latest Mobile Phones

Now a days as smartphone company is launching smartphones daily therefor competition is also increasing day by day and it is becoming hard to make a good smartphone because every smartphone has great features with it and companies are also making new features very fastly . so for maker are focusing on making a great device first than it soft. Huawei is using a trick that all other company are using. Huawei is making P8 its base smartphone of it range. as P8 will act as base for P8 max .
it has 2 GHz processor with octa core with best suited  3 GB Ram it have great interface with using lollipop 5.0 or 5.. with connectivity upto 2 sim card with   support  of 4g may be of 6.8 inches display. storage can be expended to 64 GB. it has 13 mega pixel rear camera with flash.and most important a great battery life..