Tuesday, 22 September 2015

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Clash OF Clans Bot (ClashBot > BoostBot)

Clash OF Clans Bot 

Clash OF Clans Bot
Hello Everyone!

I come to you with an important message. Clashbot is now moving to the domain http://boostbot.org. This is either going to be a temporary or permanent fix, we don’t know yet.

I can however tell you that our bot is indeed the same and we have no intentions of changing it (unless it’s updating it for the better). Boostbot is still a bot that will continuously do the repetitive things in Clash of Clans that a lot of people don’t even have time for anymore. These things might include farming, collecting resources, staying online so you don’t get attacked, and donating to your friends in your clan. Boostbot will recognize what type of base you are looking to attack and will attack it with any attack method or troop composition of your choosing. Boostbot will also stay online for you 24/7 so you barley ever get raided anymore. This means you keep more and more resources, making it easier to upgrade and max out your storages. If you don’t max out your storages every day you are definitely missing out!

Thank you for taking the time and reading this, if you have a question PM any of the dedicated staff on our forums!