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Far Cry Primal Trailer, Gameplay, System Requirements, Features, Release Date

Far Cry Primal
Far Cry Primal
23rd February 2016
Developer :- Ubisoft Montreal, Publisher :- Ubisoft, Designer :- Thomas Simon, Artist :- Mickael Labat, Director :- Jean-Christophe Guyot, Producer :- Vincent Pontbriand, Writer :- Jean-Sebastian Decant, Series :- Far Cry, Platform :- Microsoft Windows (PC), Xbox One, Playstation 4, Release Date :- February 23 2016/ March 2016(PC), Genre :- Action and Adventure, Mode :- Single Player
Far Cry Primala is an Upcoming Action and Adventure Open World Game Set in 10,000 BC, Known as Stone age. The Game is Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Directed by Jean-Christophe Guyot and Produced by Ubisoft. The Game is Set to released for Microsoft Windows on March 2016 and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 23rd February 2016. It is not the part of the main series of Far Cry.

Far Cry Primal Introduction

Far Cry PrimalThe Game is set in Stone Age, 10,000 Bc a Time of Breakneck And Threatening Environment. When Sabertooth and Giant Mammoths Rule World, and Mankind was at the lower point of food chain. It's the time when mankind start using stones to craft tools and deadly weaponry to defend himself from brutal predators, and defeat the enemy groups to take control on the land of Oros (valley that was once covered with ice) player have to take a role as takkar became top predators.

Far Cry Primal Key Features

  • Become From Prey To A Predator

Play As a Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of group with only one aim, not to die, where you are a prey.

    Far Cry Primal
  1. Grow Your Groups and upgrade your skill to lead your tribes.
  2. Combine yourself  with cast of some memorable characters who can help to deal with dangerous wild.
  3. Face large enemy group, Who will do anything to destroy you completely and you allies.
  4. Destroy your enemy and defeat the predators and rise to become a top and apex predators
Far Cry PrimalFar Cry Primal
  • Far Cry's Stone Age, 10,000 BC
This is not the stone age as we know. It is the age made by far cry a "stone age by far cry". This is the Stone age with lack of respect and chaos
    Far cry primal
  1. Look and watch Enemy Outposts and make your attack plan using tools and weapons you have crafted from stones and the bone of predators and beast you defeated.
  2. Become the master of element fire to increase, multiply and add some more strategic option, Set your weapons on fire or fright the predators at night.
  3. The High Setting Of 10,000 BC Know By Stone age Only Increase The amount Of Deadly Weapons, Suicidal Threats and incredible fantastic Stories that Far Cry Series is known for.
  4. Land the killing blow on the pray you have hunted across the plains. But careful, Its smell can attract more predators willing to fight you for prize.
  • A World Ruled By Predators And Giant Beast
When Last Ice Age, the Glaciers move to leave behind a land developing with nature and resource where human and animal similitude could expand - Provided they had what it took for ensure their laterality.
This is not the world You know This is the World of Oros
    Far Cry PrimalFar Cry Primal
  1. Find out The Gallant and brutal land of oros with a exciting vally of redwood Forest, humid Swamps and harsh taiga where we can see earth as it was before mankind claim to it.
  2. Oros maturity with life from large group of deer and brutally group of dire-wolves to warn enemy Tribes. It ruled by Predators and giant beast such as mammoths and sabertooth tigers dominated the earth in 10,000 BC Known as stone age and were feared by every other living being.

Far Cry Primal Gameplay

Far Cry PrimalFar Cry PrimalFar Cry Primal is an action and adventure game set in open world filled with wildlife and deadly predators and giant beast like woolly mammoths and sabertooth tigers and many more in 10,000 BC the time of stone age a pre historic times. It's not the age as we know it's the stone age made by far cry. The game is set in place known as oros. The Gunplay and vehicle gameplay featured was removed as we play earlier in far cry Series. Now Player will only get arsenal like club, axes, spears and short range weapons like bows etc. Now Player can't buy weapons as previously done in far cry series now player must craft them using the materials got from exploring the place Oros like stone and woods and hunting and defeating predators like giant beasts, mammoths, saber tooth tiger, dire wolves etc. As player Further progress in stories, he can craft more deadly weapons with the large quantity of resources. Player main task to hunt for food and learn to use and create fire, to set weapons on them or to scare predators at night. At night some predators become more aggressive and dangerous. so player have to use fire to protect himself or for hunting at night. As a takkar, you will also get the chance to lead their tribes and push back other tribe away from the world. 

Far Cry Primal System Requirements

Expected System Requirements
Far Cry Primal
Intel Cpu                        :-Core i5-2500S 2.7GHz
AMD Cpu                        :-FX-8350
Nvidia Gpu                    :-GeForce GTX 680
AMD Gpu                       :-Radeon R9 290X
RAM                                :-8 GB
Operating System         :-Windows 7 64 Bit
DirectX                            :-DX 11
Hard Disk                        :-40 GB

Far Cry PrimalFar Cry PrimalFar Cry Primal