Monday, 2 November 2015

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BoostBot - The Best Clash of Clans Bot


This Clash of Clans Bot is the best Clash of Clans Bot. It automatically plays Clash of Clans by building troops and attacking bases 24/7. Watch this video to find out how the Clash of Clans Bot can make you over 1.3 Million gold and Elixir per hour. BoostBot is the secret to getting rich in Clash of Clans.

BoostBot is very easy to use. After downloading the bot you can start gaining millions in seconds. BoostBot is the only bot that will automatically recognize all of your buildings, all you have to do is tell it what you want it to do, and it will do it with ease. Our bot utilizes the capabilities of  BlueStacks, an Android Emulator that works on any Windows machine. BoostBot is the only bot to utilize C# to create fast, efficient and advanced algorithms for things such as farming and troop building. We guarantee this is the most Gold and Elixir per hour you can get, there are no other services that compare. Our settings are completely custom and tailored specifically to each individual user. The bot allows you to select the troops to automatically train, donate, and what criteria for the bases you wish to automatically attack.

List of features:

- Troop Training: The Clash of Clans Bot will train the troops you tell it to train. You can even boost your Barracks using the bot to increase your gold and elixir per hour.
- Automatic Attacks: The Clash of Clans Bot will also attack bases that meet your criteria. You can customize which bases you attack and how you attack them to reach a maximum amount of gold and elixir per hour.
- Automatic Trophy Pushing and Dropping: Want lower or higher trophies? You can do that with our Clash of Clans Bot's automatic trophy pushing and dropping feature.
- Automatically Upgrade Buildings and Walls: With our Clash of Clans bot we will Automatically upgrade the buildings or walls you want as soon as a builder is ready. No more staying up late just to upgrade a building.
- Smart Troop Donating: You can also automatically donate instantly to any request in your clan. The bot can also read the text and make sure it's donating the right troop, just as if you were doing it yourself.
- Stay online 24/7: Never get raided again, the Clash of Clans bot will keep you logged in all day every day so nobody can ever steal your loot.

You can download the bot at