Friday, 15 April 2016

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Fan First(1st) Day Box Office Collection 2016 - Movie Total box office collection

FAN BOX OFFICE COLLECTION - A fan gives us relaxation from summer, we feel cool under the fan. Right guys , you think i had got made why i am talking about fan yes I am talking about fan okay let me tell you about what i am talking Guys i am talking about SRKs Fan First Day Collection our Bollywood king's movie Fan which is releasing on 15th of April that will give relaxation his fans like Fan Total Box Office Collection gives in this hot summer because movie is really going to be very awesome as his hidden story is unknown from all very few people know about that  story and the source of concept, Which persons imagination is that. Box Office Collection Of FAN? Do you want to know guys for which person I am talking about lets I give you a hint he the well-known person of Bollywood you know him actually all knows him, Think guys think give pressure to your mind I know you know him guys okay let me tell you the veteran filmmaker late Yash chopra the biggest- biggest Bollywood filmmaker ever in the Bollywood industry SRKs had told this. Fan is the story of Fan First Day Box Office Collection obsession with a superstar. SRK says that he is very glad to bring this idea in his life. SRK also said that he was trying seance 10 years to get this idea into his film but due to some region he was not able to do so but the time has arrived and he is glad to do so. We think after flop show of Dilwaale Sharuk will bring some gifts to his Fans in his forthcoming movie FAN with new ideas and story so guys lets get ready this summer with SRK Fan and your sealing fan joke shapat. SRKs had made a promise to his FANS that this movie will bring some new surprises to his FAN BOX OFFICE. His Fan is so excited that they had missed talking about SRKs new avatar and will be see in innovative Role that he is getting for you all. Do checkout everything related to SRK's Fan Box office collection in this post. 

  • Release date: April 15, 2016 (India)
  • Director: Maneesh Sharma
  • Editor: Namrata Rao
  • Music director: Vishal–Shekhar, Andrea Guerra

FAN Total Box Office Collection

After a defeat of dilwale SRK had promised his FANS to look after his upcoming film FAN. Which has new concept and story in this SRK had played two roles named as GAURAV and ARYAN  from which one is actor and second one is his Box Office Collection of FAN but SRK as an actor demolish his FAN by saying like its my life why should i give my five seconds when His FAN asked him that he want 5 mints of his life. Then love changes into obsession and his FAN Total Box Office Collection became his biggest Enemy. So SRK had predicted that his movie will going to hit like ever from his any film. Producer and other member of film had told that they are thinking of a big amount that SRK had ever made from his any film the figure predicted by them was something around 350 crores and they were right the film had broken approximately many records the love FAN Box Office to SRK has again reached to his heart after a long period after happy new year  SRKS another hit film, which had collected 379 crores which not a small amount. Viewers are very happy many people went two time to watch the movie. Film had released on 5000 screens that had never-ever had done in Bollywood history. Some people are also worried because this year only two movies one of them is akshay kumar's film airlift had crossed 100 crores so all are predicting that this movie will broke Box office collection records of this year at least and will be at number 1 till last of the year.


FAN First(1st) Day Box office collection

fan box office collection
fan box office collection
As all were predicted that total collection will cross 350 crores in a month that will be going to be true but i think it will cross 400 crores because they had done well with the first step means first day collection which is approximately 55 crores the Fan 1st Day Box Office Collection had shocked what happens because it has broken all olden records and has created its own new records that will be not going to be easy for others as making a film is. All theaters are house full If you want to watch this movie so get your ticked book in next few minutes because all theater  are house full till 21 of April. As by condition that is going on I think other movie which is releasing with SRKS FAN First Day Collection will got down with there faces people are standing in that way that they had left there life aside and only SRK is in there mind. Our prediction will going to be right because its trailer had already received 1.50 crores views in just few day and second and third day collection is going to increased because people are thinking positive about that i think 2nd and 3rd day collection will be 65 crores. First Weekend collection will definitely cross 150 crores easily.
  • FAN 1st Day Collection – 55 Crores
  • FAN 2nd Day Collection – 65 Crores
  • FAN 3rd Day Collection –  65 Crores
  • FAN 1st Weekend collection – 150 Crores


fan first day box office collection
FAN movie first official trailer rocks really had makes a big record. Only few people know that after releasing trailer in just 10 YouTube got slow to a big number of people are active on that FAN page and views was something about Box OFFICE COLLECTION OF FAN is 30 lacks unbelievable views ever that a film had got in just 20 minutes. So you can predict what will happen when people will saw movie really that will going to be really very very awesome with a record break entry in FAN BOX Office Collection. FAN Movie Trailer had  given us a basic idea about film and concept about it. in this trailer they had showed SRKS double role one is FAN named as Gaurav and one is the mega star of Bollywood Aryan khanna and Gaurav is the biggest FAN of aryan and had tried many ways to met with aryan. one day he reached aryan by some bad ways and aryan demolishes him and gaurav became its biggest enemy and wins at last by saying if i am there then you are there otherwise you are nothing. OUR prediction had got right the movie had crossed 350 crores and had broken all records of Bollywood movie is going to be called as Bollywood block buster. So friends don't wait and got your ticket booked as soon as possible. 

I hope you got everything related to movie fan box office collection here in this post, do let us know your doubts in the comment section below.