Monday, 11 April 2016

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Fan Movie Review & Rating – Live Updates Public Talk Collections

Fan Movie Review - Hello friends today we are here to share real FAN movie review, FAN movie ratings,FAN movie live updates with you and FAN movie public talks with you. Attention FAN of SRK here,SRK have a gift for you and he want to give you on 15th of April,2016. Is anybody here who can guess about what i am saying or what surprise should SRK is about to give. Fast guys don't take so much of time as obvious you are a FAN Review of SRK, I had also given you a hint guys. Okay lets finish it i will tell friends FAN don't understand, I am talking about SRK's upcoming movie FAN it is releasing on 15th April. So friends are you ready for this surprise i think all are ready and are waiting from core of heart to watch this latest and upcoming movie. Guys do you if you all the FAN of SRK than he is the superstar other he is just an actor. An actor become superstar when he makes FAN because FAN is most important component of a superstar's life that's why SRK has given you this surprise. This movie as totally new concept, The story is totally based on a superstars FAN. In this movie SRK had played double role by making  very good efforts and creativity to make his Fan happy.  FAN movie public talk is going positive people are sharing good FAN review and are giving best-est FAN movie ratings.

Do Checkout Fan movie Box Office collection here on our next post. 

  • Release date: April 15, 2016 (India)
  • Director: Maneesh Sharma
  • Editor: Namrata Rao
  • Music director: Vishal–Shekhar, Andrea Guerra

Fan Movie Review and Rating

Friends for what are you waiting people had already started giving review and ratings to movie and really they are marvelous. Most important talk do you FAN Review & movie trailer had got 1.65 crores view and same review that is unbelievable. Because Fan movie is really very awesome movie let me tell you about that. Here SRK had played double role one is FAN review and another one is superstar named as Gaurav and Aryan khanna respectively. Here Gaurav is the biggest fan of SRK and honor him as his GOD and when Aryan khanna comes to knows that he obsessed Gaurav and later on Gaurav becomes his biggest enemy. This movie shows how devotion changes to destruction. So, do Fan Movie Review and Fan Review & Movie ratings. Approximately people had given 4 rating.

  • FAN Movie Rating 4.5/5

Fan Trailer Reaction And Review

Fan Movie Live Updates and Public Talk

Public had got crazy about  FAN public Talk and when you listen them you will definitely going  to watch this movie but  friends don't waste time because all theater are Houseful till 21. People had already booked there tickets 2 weeks ago, you will not believe that FAN is releasing on 5000 screens and all are booked it means that people are sharing FAN Movie Live Updates and doing FAN movie Public Talk they are good FAN movie review. One more thing last night i personally met a SRK'S FAN and i can't tell how much he was excited that he was in FAN costumes and has made a FAN tattoo on his whole body when he showed me that i was shocked later  on you can him on our facebook page. We are sharing FAN movie Live updates with you later in this article. Do Checkout Fan first day collection below.

Fan Movies Total and First day collection

FAN had already showed SRK that they are ready to welcome his forthcoming movie FAN as FAN trailer had got 1.65 crores view which is not a joke and as i had told you  that it is releasing on 5000 screens and its tickets had already sold out. From our prediction and from SRK's and his team member prediction the total box office collection which is coming out is approximately 350 crores and it can cross that amount also. you can also predict by looking in to my article that continues five day tickets had been sold that means Fan first day collection will cross 55 crores easily and 2nd and 3rd day collection will easily cross 65 crores.
  • FAN 1st Day Collection – 55 Crores
  • FAN 2nd Day Collection – 65 Crores
  • FAN 3rd Day Collection –  65 Crores
  • FAN 1st Weekend collection – 150 Crores
  • FAN Total Collection  – 350 Crores

So FAN for what you are waiting go and prepare yourself for this fabulous and story based on new concept's. Keep visiting SoftDebate for more.