Saturday, 16 April 2016

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Happy Google Earth Day Quiz Questions, Activities 2016

Earth Day 2016 - In this new article we will tell you everything what you need to know about the World Earth Day .We will also share some Earth Day 2016 quiz and earth day 2016 activities. We all know that the greatest gift that God has given us is this wonderful world, so we have an obligation to take care of it and protect it. Our land gives us everything we need without asking anything in return.

The World Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 with the primary aim of raising awareness to the world for the care of the Earth, which also includes protecting and do the right thing for the environment and the conservation of biodiversity and act against problems such as overpopulation, pollution and the importance of responsible use of natural resources on Earth, as well as environmental education.

On 22 April 1970 , the senator and environmental activist Gaylord Nelson performed the first demonstration for the  establishment of an environmental agency. It was attended by thousands of universities, primary and secondary schools, in addition to hundreds of communities. The social pressure had its achievements and the US government created the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) and proclaimed a series of laws aimed at protecting the environment.

The planet Earth is severely damaged by human.Unfortunately we are living a very complicated and frustrating reality, since time is increasingly less to achieve a major shift in consciousness and thus to reverse all the evil that we are doing to the planet. Natural resources are increasingly being over exploited at an alarming rate, without considering the consequences that this would bring in the not too distant future.

The positive aspect of this complex situation is that the great change depends on us. To start doing things right and for our planet we must not wait for April 22, we can just start beginning this moment and change our bad habits that severely harm our land. Then as we promised we just started the article, we're going to share some earth day 2016 quiz questions and earth day 2016 activities to make you aware of the importance of caring for our planet earth.

So guys if you are looking for Happy Google Earth day activities and Happy Earth Day Quiz questions. So Today we bring you a post with 20 Earth Day Quiz questions 2016, I hope you will enjoy.

Earth Day Quiz questions 2016

1) What is the hottest place on Earth?
2) what it is the coldest place on the Earth?
3) How much space dust falls to Earth each year?
4)  What distances can dust blow in the common wind ?
5) Where are the highest waterfalls in the world?
6) What it is the world's largest volcano?
7) What was the deadliest known earthquake?
8) What has been the strongest earthquake in recent times?
9)  How far is the center of the Earth?
10) What is the highest mountain?
11) What is the lowest point on Earth?
12) What is the longest river?
13) Which US states are more prone to earthquakes?
14) What is the driest place on Earth?
15) What is the wettest place on Earth?
16) What is the longest canyon?
17) What is the deepest canyon in the United States?
18) How many volcanoes on Earth is no historical record of having erupted?
19) What percentage of the planet 's water is in the oceans?
20) What it is the largest ocean on Earth?

Happy Google Earth day activities

There are many ways to do activities in the Earth Day. Here are some ideas for Happy Google Earth day activities  with friends or family.

1) Organize a Walk

Organize a walk through areas of environmental interest. It may be for parks in your community or natural or regional parks that remain near your town.

2) Planting Trees

 Look species native to your region and plant trees and plants in areas of your community. Remember coordinate with tree planting efforts that are currently underway in your community or region. In the cities there is a planting plan, then remember to contact them first

3) Cleanups

Perform an excursion to the countryside or a park equipped with gloves and garbage bags to clean the area.So for Earth Day, organizes or participates in cleaning of public places in your area.

4) Concerts 

Organize concerts with groups in your community. Use this space to Celebrate Life, combined with other activities!

5) Contest

on the Earth Day organize creative and effective local contests: posters, essays, poetry, photography, songs, etc. You can seek support from private companies in their region or within the participants, through registration, to seek awards contests. You can do this at the level of  school, community or city. Its invitations to contests must include topics, prizes, rules, who can participate and delivery deadlines. You can have the awards at a special event in your community or city.

6) Organize Recycling Fair

Invite recycled producers and others who use recycled in different ways to present their products and brought up in the culture of recycling materials papers. You can also start with a recycling campaign in your neighborhood or community.

7)  Write an Article for Earth Day

The article can be for your school, company, community, etc. You can publish the article in newsletters or local newspapers.

So these are the best earth day 2016 quiz questions and earth day 2016 activities hope you all liked it now i request you to share this article with your friends in social media.