Thursday, 14 April 2016

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Happy Vishu Kani Images Greetings Wishes 2016 Whatsapp Status

Happy Vishu Kani : Hey our dear friends today we have something for you, In this post we will share some information about Happy vishu kani, Happy Vishu kani Images, Happy Vishu Photos, Vishu Greetings. etc. so friends new year had arrived are you ready for happy vishu and had done arrangements regarding this like pooja samagri (material) and wishes, Greetings, Photos etc. So lets go with information about vishu kani.
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Vishu Ashamsakal is celebrated mainly on 14th of April,2016 and it is decided by INC (Indian National Calendar) as a official date. This is know as Bisu in Mangalore district of karnataka India. vishu festival significance as a new year of hindu religion in southern most of India. On this day people use to worship God and prey that there year will go good and remove all tension and problem and will bring happiness. People use to buy new clothes from markets for occasion Puthukodi. there is also a tradition of giving money to juniours and to elders Vishukkaineetam. Do checkout everything related to Happy vishu kani in this post. 
happy vishu kani images
happy vishu kani images
vishu ashamsakal festival is celebrated by decorating houses with lights and uses Fireworks at night just same as we use to celebrate Diwali same southindian use to do on vishu kani. the most important thing on vishu kani is vishukkani that means the first thing you saw on vishu kani. So friends above was the all Information about Vishu kani and below is Happy vishu, Happy Vishu Images, Happy Vishu Photos, Vishu Greetings. etc. So scroll down and get a look at them we have best and latest collection here.

Happy Vishu Kani 2016 Images

Friends do you have time i want to share a experience of my team with because i think it will help all okay lets start, Friends near our office there was a house in which family of 6 member lives, there was a tamilian child who was something of age 5 to 6 years and he does't understand any thing quick and take long time to learn anything. Later on we had done a experiment on him any you can't believe experiment got success' Let me tell you the experiment we take him to a playground there we had arranged a image show for children. 
When we reached there and take him to the site he got excited and tried hard to understand but after just few mints he understand whole thing by image show. When we had tried to explain same thing by books or by language he takes so much time there we got proof that images express a lot of things. So friends this vishu kani uses Happy vishu images or vishu images to express devotion and your attention towards religious things.

Happy vishu kani greetings 2016

Guys do you greet any one on special occasion I think yes yo do so we our-self do so but there very few person who to give greetings on any religious day Friends we went that you all should make us wrong this vishu ashamsakal greet you family, relative and your loved ones with vishu greetings malayalam. Below and made a collection for you to make your work easier you can download whole collection and share with everyone for free.  Check out the best happy vishu kani greetings 2016 below:

Happy vishu kani wishes 2016

Wishing some one show respect, caring, emotions etc to those person whom you are vising. Wishing some is like saying hello which develops an individuals personalty and develops respect, feelings in person whom you are vising. So friends don't let this vishu kani go away without any wishes use vishu wishes to express your devotion to gods and such people who are good from heart and whom you respect from your heart. Friends Below we have some latest and best ever made vishu wishes for you for free which we had collected from various source and from our team's hard work because a person can't to any thing alone a team work make work cool and efficient. Here are some of the best happy vishu kani wishes which you might like:
നിലവിളക്കിൻറെ നിറദീപവും ധാന്യങ്ങളും കണിവെള്ളരിയും കള്ളകണ്ണനേയും തളികയിലാക്കിയുള്ള ഒരു രാത്രിയിലെ കാത്തിരുപ്പ് ഒരു വർഷത്തിലേക്കുള്ള ഐശ്വര്യത്തിൻറെ പ്രയാണമാകട്ടെ.... Sayooj - 8089890808
Orayiram..Ormakal manasil veedum Nallkuvan vendi,ithaa veendum oru vishu kalam koodi,..Orupadu nalla karyangal lifeil undakate enne prarthichu konde,ente veeshu Ashamsakal-AKHIL
Pularkaalam aavumbol Amma kannu pothipidichu kanicha thanna kani manassil kulirma thanna krsnan enna madhuravumayi Oru Vishu KudiEnte Hridhayam Niranja Vishu Dhinashamsakkal
2 mobileum 220cc pulsarum pocket niraye gandhiyum,200sim um undayittum thala kuthi ninu propose chaithittum 2pere polum valaykan kazhiyatha mandanmarum mandikalum,jeevikuna natil oru oadkuzhal matram use chaith 16008 penpilere veezhthiya aa maha prethibhak mumpil shirasu namichu kond Advnc Vishu nerunu..  
Orupidi konnapoovum Vishu kaniyum Vishu kaineetavumayi Veendum Meda masam pularunu Samrithiyudeyum santhoshathinteyum snehathinteyum pradekamaya oru vishu koodim. “ellavarkkum ente vishu 2016 ashamsakal 
Medamasa Ponpulariyil Aiswaryathintay Pratheekmayi Oru VISHU Koody. Snehathoday, Prarthanayoday ORAYIRAM VISHU Asamsakal. Sethu Menon & Family  
Above was the best collection of vishu images, vishu greeting, vishu wishes, and info about happy vishu kani which you download from our site and can share them with anyone. Friends we have a lot of stuff on our website just have a look, For that you need to go to our homepage. Keep visiting softdebate for more stuffs. Keep visiting Softdebate for more such posts on future.